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PROVEEDORES MINEROS S.A.C., along with the exclusive representation of PLYMOUTH RUBBER S.A. and the support of a staff comprised of local and foreign professional technicians, has developed several techniques and procedures under international standards for the execution and repair of low-, medium- and high-voltage electrical cables.

Why do we splice cables?

We know of the high costs involved in the acquisition of conductors and electrical cables for the projects and maintenance of companies at large, which is why Plymouth Rubber and Proveedores Mineros SAC signed an agreement to develop techniques for the splicing of various types of cables, seeing as we need to maintain savings in the purchase of cables while guaranteeing quality and reliability, which is backed by international standards and organizations such as MSHA, ASTM, UL, CSA. This has allowed us to gain versatility in various applications according to your needs.

What are the advantages of splicing cables?

The first benefit of cable splicing is the savings associated with not having to purchase a new one. Complying with all the safety standards that Proveedores Mineros SAC can guarantee, we offer process productivity and sustainability so that the customer can focus on its activity while leaving these issues with us, as specialists for 14 years.

The importance of good splicing

We know that during the transmission of power, and consequently the circulation of current within an electrical cable whether it is of low, medium or high voltage, there are many electrical and physical phenomena that have a bearing, some more important than others, and that if they are not well controlled, they could cause many damages, mainly to persons and on second consideration to the machines/equipment they power up; therefore, it is important to define the parts of a cable given that at the time of repairing it, it will be reconstructed using PVC, rubber, mastic tapes and other special tapes guaranteeing correct operation that helps to optimize time and production.